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I want to share some valuable tips I have learned in the "real estate trenches" as a buyers' agent!


Let's face it some people are just "nose blind".  You can bet potential buyers previewing your listing are not!  The most common complaint I hear from buyers is pet smell.  If you want to achieve the best opportunity to secure a buyer, a seller must eliminate the pet smell from their listing.  It is also important to have the signs of your house pets tucked away such as kennels, pet hair, toys, bowls, beds, etc.  There is no reason to draw attention to a potential buyer objection. Keep in mind some buyers may be allergic.


Cigarette smell is among the top most common complaints I hear from my buyers when previewing properties.  This type of smell lingers and is extremely difficult to remove from the home.  If your home smells of cigarettes and you plan on placing it on the market, I strongly recommend that you take the necessary steps to remove the smell. Carpets take up a lot of surface area, so they can be one of the worst offenders when it comes to trapping cigarette odors — even though smoke rises.  The smoke can even penetrate the drywall, paint, counters, curtains, etc. 


Of course we cook in our home, where else would we cook for ourselves or our family?  Often times during the listing period you will be notified by your agent about a showing request to occur in the next 45 mins and you just stared cooking dinner or you just finished cooking when you took dinner out of the oven and a cloud of smoke billowed from the opened door because the dish overflowed onto the bottom of the oven.  What do you do?  You should be sure to keep candles, air fresheners or smelly plug-ins on hand that way you can air out the home and then use air fresheners or candles to eliminate smell prior to showing. It is a good idea to remain proactive during the listing period and avoid cooking smelly foods. Also a good idea to keep your oven and stove free from grease and super clean and try to avoid issues with smell.


This type of smell is never pleasant and very distinct.  Whether we want to admit it or not we are all guilty of leaving damp towels or clothing in the laundry basket just a little bit longer than originally intended.   Be sure to air out the house by opening a window. Also make sure to wash or change the bedding and curtains in guest rooms, wash damp laundry and be sure to get rid of musty smells in little used rooms.