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BUY A PET STICKER:  these stickers are a lifesaver in a fire because they tell rescue workers what pets live inside your home. The sticker should be visible by placing it near or on your front door. Include the types of animals inside and well as the numbers of pets in the home.

dog tagsMAKE SURE YOUR PET IS EASILY IDENTIFIABLE: if you pet bolts during a fire, how will he or she get back to you? If you dog or cat is wearing a collar and tags with up-to-date information including name, and phone number it's much easier to locate you in the aftermath of an emergency.   

KNOW YOUR VET'S CONTACT INFORMATION: in the event that your pet's injuries are more severe, it's smart to keep the phone number and address of a local animal hospital handy.  Having help on speed dial could be a matter of life or death.

KEEP LEASHES AND EMERGENCY KIT AT EXIT: place items you might need in an emergency such as leash, carriers, and/or feeding and water bowls where you can easily get to them.