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With more of the American work force stationed at home to conduct their job duties, it can be easy undertaking to freshen up your home office space with a few small changes. 

First you can give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Lighter tones reflect more light, helping to make a home office feel roomier. A simple color scheme can promote high energy and creativity. This will also provide a professional background for video conference calls.  Second, good lighting is key. Lighting is critical to productivity and professionalism in the age of Zoom calls. You can control the lighting in a room through natural light via windows and artificial light using creative lamps and light bulbs.

Another tip to freshen up your space is - bring in the outdoors.  Plants have been shown to boost creativity while also creating a calm environment to work—all while filtering the air you breathe.  If you don't have a green thumb, artificial plants can be visualizing appealing and soften the space making it cozy and inviting.

Finally, it is important to personalize your space. We’re all spending more time in our home office, so don’t forget to add the personal touches that remind you of why you go to work every day. Photos of loved ones, furry family members, or a fun pattern on a floor rug can help you create a space that you’re happy to spend time in. 

These are easy and inexpensive ways to transform a home office or repurpose a space for a home office.